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Author and Historian

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As a Mohave County Historian and informed authority on region-wide UFO activity, I am frequently in contact with UFO enthusiasts curious about the 1953 Kingman UFO and why there are so many conflicting stories about it.


My UFO research and fieldwork picks up where the late Mohave County Historian Roman Malach left off before he passed away December 6, 1985. My Kingman documentation is extensive and includes what Mr. Malach acquired, including a detailed interview sent to him in the late 1970s by UFO researcher Raymond Fowler. These documents are unique and contain Mr. Malach's hand-written notes throughout the transcribed interview done by Mr. Fowler in 1973 with alleged eye witness named Arthur Stansel. My document collection includes copies of Mr. Malach's letters to and from Congressional leaders and the U. S. Air Force that provide insight into the Kingman UFO story. Over the years many people have claimed expertise on the subject, making wild and unsupported claims about what supposedly happened, or insist it's all a hoax. The majority of these players never let facts get in the way of them telling a good story, even though they never set foot in Kingman to do fieldwork, nor do proper research, or spend enough time here to establish trust that would lead to doing interviews with old timers who were eye witnesses and still alive! There are no UFO crafts or parts left behind at Kingman, everything points to it all being moved to a facility at Groom Lake Nevada. However, extraordinary evidence was left behind that indicates witness statements, documentation and discoveries on the ground back up the claim that the Kingman UFO became the basis for the entire Area-51 UFO story. My findings may help those searching for answers about UFOs.


With Mohave County and Kingman being my home turf, I have privately met with the 'real' old timers who's 'Kin' settled this area in the late 1800s. For them, it is still a big taboo to talk with people (outsiders) who come nosing around wanting information about local folks and the 1953 Kingman UFOs! They are not casual about this and they really do not want to be identified with these events!  "What happens in Kingman  .. Stays in Kingman!"


At this writing the Kingman UFO story has been the topic of discussion for more than 60 years. Other than Raymond Fowler's work, it appears that nearly everything written and said about the Kingman UFO has been wrong. Fragments of the Kingman UFO story became known from a story published in the April 1976 edition of UFO magazine. Unfortunately this resulted in an endless series of Kingman UFO storylines some of which became popular and owe their success to the Arthur Stansel interview, though very few had an actual copy of it. This led to a wave of instant UFO authorities who were not troubled about making things up and saying it was fact, or at least 2nd or 3rd hand fact, which is all the same to them. These are the red flags  my research catches immediately. Such casual distortions of the truth are historically destructive and have caused statements made by early first-hand eye witnesses to be ignored, deliberately minimalized and in some cases demonized the  witnesses. My research findings and storyline about the 1953 Kingman UFOs is history and not based on the fictional accounts conjured up and told by those seeking popularity. This behavior is the fire brand and hallmark of a number of outspoken UFO people today. Their very existence is dependant on repeating claims that are often copied from some one else. These are the actors in the field of Ufology who are involved in every UFO case that's talked about. This group is addressed in my work, because they are the single biggest stumbling block in the entire UFO story!


The history I uncovered began with genuine research and fieldwork undertaken in 2006, with a document search going back in time to the mid-1860s. This roll-back in time was necessary to establish a basic ground-floor connection to what existed then vs. what exists today and to find evidence that would prove, or disprove the multitude of differing claims being created and spread around through books, DVDs, social media and at various conferences. What I found and verified are some of the worst historical distortions I have ever seen. Nearly all Kingman UFO stories and claims are false fabrications that are part of an overall pattern of marking out and establishing turf in a "one-up" based ego driven market of economic opportunity. Working independently around this fiasco meant research going back to square one, find early start dates and move forward in time to determine what followed. My research revealed the 1953 Kingman UFO didn't crash, it landed and reportedly had a four member crew aboard that survived uninjured. I also produced extensive evidence about two other UFOs that crashed a few days later and half of the four member crews in each craft survived. All crew members were described as humanoid in appearance and were believed to be extraterrestrials.


My project included doing extensive fieldwork using the methodology and protocols that make use of all resources available while being mindful to protect land-rights and proceed with care that has a neutral impact on wildlife and natural habitat. This project was accomplished in that manner under my sole direction, using my finances, equipment and a major investment of my personal time and work. This was not like arm-chair Exaggerator's claiming they did the job first, but in reality didn't do anything. As far as Kingman UFO research goes, no one has ever undertaken what I have done. No One!


It is important to put this entire event in perspective within the time-frame and conditions that existed at Kingman in 1953. Coming-off World War II, Kingman had been the location of a large Army Air Corp training base and the 3,400 people who lived at Kingman were sensitive to the intensity of life under what was undeclared Martial Law. In 1953 local sentiment was still very tense and suspicious, made even more so as local people witnessed the flash of Atomic Bomb tests in Nevada, which could be seen from Kingman! Adding to that reality, the United States had moved into the Cold War and Korean War era. Being previously conditioned by the military to obey orders the civilian population at Kingman provided unquestioned compliance. Closely guarded secrets became a way of life and general mind-set for residents and extended families who mutually agreed they must keep what went on in Kingman a complete secret long after the military had left. A taboo that never changed.


Many researchers today build their stories on pre-conceived ideas based on stories that skip over or mask important points and real evidence. There has always been an underlying reason why old timers at Kingman denied they knew anything about what happened in their own backyard. They do know! Contrary to an Exaggerator "blog post" claiming old timers in Kingman would not admit they knew anything about a UFO to a less than trusted City Attorney, the post twisted this to mean there never were UFOs at Kingman. A big stretch coming from a person who failed to do adequate research. In 1953 Kingman, the watch words "loose lips sink ships" meant something. Black Out drills constantly reminded residents about the need for secrecy. This same Exaggerator insulted locals putting on a Kingman UFO conference in Kingman on May 11, 2011, complaining that people "who offer solutions" (a.k.a. himself) are not invited, then went on to tell his blog readers a few outlandish accounts about the Kingman UFO story that have no basis in fact.


Evidence that I uncovered is historic fact and was gathered doing research of documents, reports, maps, early and contemporary interviews, along with early visual images and feet-on-the-ground explorations that included treks from the banks of the Colorado river to crossing snake infested rocky buttes and the blistering heat on barren desert floors. This ultimately led me to the Kingman UFO sites with physical evidence the military left behind 'in situ'. Unlike the alleged Roswell UFO site in New Mexico, the Kingman UFO landing and crash locations are unspoiled archaeological sites located on private and government protected lands that are not open to the public to be scavenged by UFO hunters, souvenir collectors, or as entertainment and adventure for amateur diggers and tour groups wanting a vacation thrill.


My new book “7 Days In May™ - The Kingman UFO Story”© tells about multiple UFO events at Kingman that rank "First" in U. S. and world history and provide extraordinary revelations never shared with anyone that are included in my book. I do know the answers to why and where this really happened, who it happened to, how and when it happened and the final outcome. I can also tell readers who said what about Kingman that is patently false and can prove it. My findings are a game changer to be shared with readers who want to know and then check the facts and stories out for themselves. There are hidden facts within the Kingman UFO story that are astonishing and go far beyond UFO landings, crashes, and retrievals! My DVDs "Hidden In Plain Sight" and "UFO CON" Presentation offer insight about what is shown and said. My work ethic is professional, calm and unhurried and never money driven, nor cut short to save time. If you want to know the facts instead of made-up stories, my unwavering quest offers you the truth!


Harry J. Drew

Author and Historian


Director of Museums of Anthropology, Archaeology and History

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Harry Drew brings new evidence and verifiable facts to the Disclosure table and sets the record straight about Kingman's UFOs, dispelling myths, impossible claims and manufactured false and misleading stories for decades which in most cases do not contain any factual substance or facts. Over the ten year period Drew dedicated to his Kingman project he has assembled the largest and most complete collection of original documentation, images, interviews and site evidence that has ever been assembled about the 1953 Kingman UFOs. His 'work' provides historical perspective to early UFO events and Kingman today! 

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